Angels Reach Academy

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Angels Reach Academy

Angels Reach Academy is a unique non-profit private school dedicated to developing compassionate leadership abilitities, and successfully supporting each individual student's maximum achievement potential through the highest quality instructional standards.  Our diverse student population thrives within a unique academic environment that integrates the best research based practices from the educational, clinical, and leadership fields. Beginning in 2004, we established the first integrated clinical education program in our community and have been honorably recognized for our innovation and integrity. Our Professional Team is distinguished not only for their exemplary credentials, but moreover for their compassionate dedication to ensure each individual student's highest level of achievement.

Our non-traditional school programs bridge innovation with individualization, and offers families the ability to have "Your Child's School, Your Way." Each student is an individual with particular strengths and needs, and as such, our families can customize a great part of what a school day looks like for each child. Flexible scheduling can include more than just adjusting days and times for a student to attend school on-site according to specific needs, but also, discuss options for having the school go to the child in the home - whether it's through online live classes, in-home academic support, or fully independent online self-paced curriculum. State contact requirements must be met, but each family is invited to discuss personalized accommodations that support the individual child and family's needs.

Masters Leadership Academy

Masters Academy

The Angels Reach Masters Leadership Academy is a unique preparatory school program dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of academic success for general education and gifted/advanced learners who may not have demonstrated their highest capabilities of achievement within traditional school settings. Angels Reach offers a complex and forward-moving educational environment that incorporates strong clinical support in each classroom. Masters Leadership students meet national standards for academic programming and may participate in our unique Ambassadors program which develops students' abilities in civic pro-activity, global leadership, community citizenship, mentorship, and compassionate leadership. Classrooms are supported through an extraordinarily low ratio of professionals to students, within very small class groupings. Students have access to youth business entrepreneurship, a conservatory of the arts programming, and  youth video journalism programs.

Wings Academy

Wings Academy

The Wings Academy is a long standing and well recognized division of Angels Reach Academy. We take pride in not only in our students' academic gains, but also in the successful development of social and independent living skills in differently abled children. Since 2004, Angels Reach Foundation has brought our community innovative and specialized research based methodologies which successully support individuals with Developmental Delays, Autism, Learning Variable Abilities, Fine Motor or Sensory difficulties, ADD/ADHD, Emotional, and Behavioral challenges. Our academic staff are intensively trained in clinical methodologies, including ABA, Socio-Relational therapy (tm), Sensory Integration, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Angels Reach Academy is supported by the Foundation's full clinical staff in integrating academic and clinical strategies seamlessly.

Angels Reach Academy Donation

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With the support of individuals and corporations, Angels Reach has the ability to touch the hearts and change the lives of the children who study in our School. It is with great pride that we acknowledge and thank our donors and sponsors for their acts of kindness and generous support.